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Standard Terms and Conditions 


Terms are aligned with the NSW Department of Education Public School Calendar Year.


Term 1 - Tuesday 30 Jan to Friday 12 April

Term 2 - Monday 29 Apr to Friday 5 July 

Term 3 - Monday 22 Jul to Friday 27 Sept 

Term 4 - Monday 14 Oct to Friday 20 Dec


Students are booking Stephanie’s professional time each week and such need to commit to regular attendance.

Students commit to a term of lessons between 10 - 11 consecutive weeks in duration.


Students will be assigned a specific lesson time each week in accordance with both teacher and parent/student schedules. 

Once a lesson time is selected, this becomes your lesson slot and will not be moved or cancelled without appropriate notice. 

The last 5 minutes of each lesson is allocated to teacher note writing whilst the student packs away their violin. This ensures a timely transition between students. 

Billing and payment 

Lessons will be billed in advance. 

Full payment is due on or prior to the 1st lesson in each term. 

Payment reserves a students lesson slot each week. 

Lessons will only proceed once full payment has been received.

There will be no refund of fees.

Payments can be made by direct transfer or through an online management system called My Music Staff which accepts credit card payments. 

A credit card fee of 1.75% will be charged for payments made using a credit card. 

Current fees per lesson:

30 minute lesson: $70.00/lesson 

45 minute lesson: $102.00/lesson 

60 minute lesson: $140.00/lesson

Cancellations and Make ups

No credits or refunds are offered for lessons cancelled by the student. 

If the teacher cancels a lesson, the fees for that lesson will be applied towards the next block of instruction, or alternatively, a make up lesson scheduled in place of the cancelled lesson

Make ups are only offered under exceptional circumstances such as illness and are based on availability. Therefore, they are not guaranteed

A maximum of 2 lessons may be made up within the current term of enrolment. 

At least 24 hours notice must be given in order for these lessons to be made up.

Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged with no make-up credit issued.

Student cancellation of a makeup forfeits the lesson. 

Makeups will not be carried forward to the next block of instruction. 

If the student or their household contacts have had any exposure to Covid-19, or displayed Covid-19 symptoms, in person lessons will be cancelled and offered via the zoom video platform as an alternative.

Performance opportunities

It is advisable that students seek their teacher’s permission before accepting performing engagements or recital work.

Parental/Guardian attendance

Parental/Guardian attendance is required for the duration of each lesson until it has been determined by the teacher that the child is capable of working independently.

Student's siblings present during lessons must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times to minimize distraction.

Punctual attendance is required to ensure lesson time allocation is maximized.

Practice expectations

Daily practice should last approximately 15 minute longer than the length of the lesson. Eg: 30 minute lesson requires 45 minutes practice per day


For more advanced students (Suzuki Volumes 4 & up), and those who are members of chamber ensembles and orchestras, extra time will need to be allocated to home practice sessions.  


Parental involvement at home is essential. Even if parents are not musically trained, just being present to keep their child on task and to make sure they are doing everything on their assignment list is extremely helpful. There is a noticeable difference when parents are actively involved in their child’s practice time.

Establishing practice sessions in a routine manner like brushing your teeth at the same time each day makes practice an expectation rather than an option in the students eyes. 



Mobile: 0490 080 154 

Email: steph.brown at 


Although every endeavor will be made to produce excellence in musical skills and standards according to the student’s abilities, in the final analysis, professional advancement and success depends not only on the teacher’s input but also on the student's own initiative, diligence and general intellectual caliber.

Please sign below to confirm you have read, and agree to Bella Quattro Strings above standard terms and conditions. 

Please note that by enrolling in a block of instruction you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

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