Standard Terms and Conditions 



Blocks of instruction and payment

Students will commit to a block of instruction between 9 -12 consecutive weeks in duration.

Lesson fees reserves a students lesson time each week and includes instruction. 

Lessons will be billed monthly in advance. 

Full payment is due on or prior to the 1st of each month. 

Lessons will only proceed once full payment has been received.

There are two accepted methods of payment including credit card or check. 


Credit card payments can be made through an online payment system.




Alternatively you can send a check to:

Bella Quattro Strings, LLC

PO Box 7592


Ca 93921

Part payment of fees is not acceptable. 

There will be no refund of fees.

On and from August 1, 2018, the fee per lesson will be:

$50.00 30 minutes

$75.00 45 minutes

$100.00 60 minutes

All student accounts will be managed by Chris Brown. Any queries should be emailed directly to Chris: 



Makeups are only offered in the case of illness. No credits are offered.


A maximum of two lessons may be made up within the current block of enrollment. Note: these makeups are not guaranteed and are based on availability.


Stephanie is teaching 6 days per week with 40 students enrolled and her time is very limited.


Makeups will only be made up within designated teaching hours.


At least 24 hours notice must be provided in order for cancelled lessons to be rescheduled.


Student cancellation of a makeup forfeits the lesson. 


Makeups will not be carried forward to the next block of instruction. 


It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to schedule makeups via email with Stephanie based on her availability.


If you have any questions regarding these policies please direct them to me via email:

Notice to discontinue lessons

Notice to discontinue lessons must be given no later than two weeks prior to each block, otherwise fees for half of the block will become payable.

Performance opportunities

Two student recitals are held each year & student participation is voluntary.


Notification a student will not participate in a given recital must be received at least two weeks prior to the rehearsal, otherwise the recital fee will become payable. 


Recital participation fee

The recital fee is $65.00 per student, per recital. The recital fee covers the costs associated with holding the recital including: 

  • hiring an experienced and highly qualified and experienced professional piano accompanist. One rehearsal with the accompanist will be allocated per student. 

  • hiring professional adult musicians for both the rehearsal and recital to support student ensemble performances (cellist & violists);

  • printing high quality colored programs;

  • the recital venue;

  • set up and clean up costs;

  • copyright payments for music performed by students

  • student recital gifts;

  • Plates, cups, table cloths & flowers for the reception following the recital.

Other performance opportunities

It is advisable that students seek their teacher’s permission before accepting other performing engagements or recital work.

Parental/Guardian attendance

Parental/Guardian attendance is required for the duration of each lesson until it has been determined by the teacher that the child is capable of working independently.

Student's siblings present during lessons must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times to minimize distraction.

Punctual attendance is required to ensure lesson time allocation is maximized.

Practice expectations

Daily practice is imperative in learning the violin. As Shinichi Suzuki said, "Practice only on days that you eat". Practice should last approximately the length of the lesson. For more advanced students (Suzuki Volumes 4 & up), and those who are members of chamber ensembles and orchestras, additional time will need to be allocated to home practice sessions. 


Establishing practice sessions in a routine manner like brushing your teeth at the same time each day makes practice an expectation rather than an option in the students eyes. 

Parent/Teacher partnership 

It is essential that the parent(s) and teacher work in partnership with each other to ensure the student is given every opportunity to reach their full musical potential. Parent note taking during lessons and supervised daily practice sessions is strongly encouraged to support this development. This is pertinent up until the age of 9 years, after which most students can work independently. 


Contact by phone can be made Monday - Friday between the hours of 12 noon - 2:00 pm or via email. Questions posed via e-mail will be addressed during the student's allocated lesson time.

Although every endeavor will be made to produce excellence in musical skills and standards according to the student’s abilities, in the final analysis, professional advancement and success depends not only on the teacher’s input but also on the student's own initiative, diligence and general intellectual caliber.

Please note that by enrolling in a block of instruction you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.