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Courtney L.
5.0 star rating 2/22/2016
I couldn't recommend this class more. We have been doing it since my youngest was 5 months. Now, three years (and two more kids) later we are still LOVING her class!!! Stephanie is fantastic. 

We actually took a break when my third was due and noticed something VERY significant. After dinner was always musical time and the girls asked to do it almost every day. When we took our break we noticed the girls didn't ask to play music even once. When we started the classes back up again the girls once again asked to play all the time! I knew it was having an impact, but WOW!!

My second is about to turn two and she has a wonderful sense of rhythm due to this class. She claps along and when the cds come on at home she jumps up and starts dancing with the music! 

The only reason I wouldn't want to write this review is because the secret might get out! ;) You won't regret taking this class for years and years! :)

Wendy C.
5.0 star rating 2/19/2016
I have been taking my children to Bella Quattro Strings for 5.5 years now. Teacher Stephanie is phenomenal. Children just light up when she plays the violin. I feel so lucky that she is in Carmel and my children are enriched by her beautiful music.

Melissa B.​​​

5.0 star rating 2/18/2016

I've been taking my son to Stephanie's Music Together class since he was 6 months old. Four years later, he still loves going!  If he emerges from childhood with any musical talent, she is 100% responsible for its development!

Stephanie is one of the most patient and generous people I've ever met.  As a class of little kids, it can sometimes be a high energy environment. Yet Stephanie is always steady and calm, in a warm way that brings out the best in everyone. 

Whenever I meet new parents trying to find their way with a little one, Stephanie's classes are my first recommendation!

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