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Music Together Testimonials


I have taken my children to Teacher Stephanie's Music Together class for five years. My first child went from 9 months to 4.5 years old, and the next two started in the womb. We enrolled continuously, without missing a single semester. Needless to say, I am a fan. Teacher Stephanie is the kind of person anyone would want their children to know. She has impeccable manners.


She is kind. She is endlessly upbeat. And my children love to say "amAHzing" in her fun, Australian accent. Moreover, Teacher Stephanie has worked with children over twenty years, and her experience shows in how expertly she handles what could otherwise turn into sticky situations. Her classes run smoothly as silk, and this feat leaves most of us parents in awe. Finally, Teacher Stephanie has a long list of music credentials and is a performing violinist and recording artist. She imparts a wealth of musical knowledge to the children: harmony, rhythm, dynamics and musical genres. The children learn by dancing, imitating sounds, and beating out drum beats. 


Teacher Stephanie plays violin to each child at the beginning of class, and this is a moment no one wants to miss, so people come early. Classes always start on time. My two older children went on to study violin with Teacher Stephanie in private lessons, and I attribute their success in violin to their early preparation in Music Together. She willingly shares all that she knows and has lent me inspiring books and materials on early childhood musical education. Teacher Stephanie is deeply knowledgeable about music, children and violin playing, performance, and pedagogy. I could not recommend her musical program more highly.

Alina Brady (Mother of violin prodigy, Nicholas Brady).


You are so gifted, Stephanie; your musical talent is one thing, but your manner with children is very rare, and I hope you enjoy doing what you do as much as the rest of us enjoy watching. You give our children a great deal. Thank you!

Lauren Wollman

We cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed our music together experience. It is the highlight of our week. If we had to keep one activity for our week it would be music together. Molly is constantly requesting her favorite MT songs in the car as well as at home. She has blossomed so much since we started this music class. We love it and we adore Stephanie.

Tiffany Bufkin 

Ally absolutely loved the class last Thursday. I took ally to music together from the time she was 3 months until she was 3 years old. I am thrilled to be able to give Ivan the same experience. I love your class! The violin is an absolute treat! And, your enthusiasm translates into your work. Thank you for an awesome experience.

Jennifer Dimitrov

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