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Music Together Make-Up Classes

Online spring make-up classes:

Recorded weekly live classes will be made available to all families in lieu of in person make-ups. These make ups will be made available for the duration of the semester. 

The make-up policy outlined below only applies to in person classes. It does not apply to online classes. 

In person class make-up policy:

Make-up classes are provided on a space available basis and are not guaranteed. Make-up classes are limited to two per child and may only be made up within the current semester of enrollment;

The number of make-ups provided varies from week to week. If there are no spaces available in classes that you are able to attend, recheck the scheduler at a later date to check for additional spaces which may have been added;


If your plans change, please send an e-mail ahead of time to cancel your make-up class so that an additional space can be added in your place;

Classes are limited to 12 registered children per class to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment;

Make-up classes may be made up in advance if you know that you will be absent on a particular date;

Please notify your teacher ahead of time if you know in advance that you will be absent from class so that an additional space can be added in your place;

Make-ups may be scheduled once the semester has commenced.

Please click on the following link to schedule make-up classes:

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